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About :-

Alight Motion is an editing app that lets you edit all the videos and photos stored on your Android smartphone. With a well-organized interface, in just a few minutes, you can be editing videos just the way you want.

In Alight Motion, there's a timeline where you can drag the files (photos or videos) you want to edit. It's important to note that the app has separate timelines for audio, video, and images. So it's incredibly normal to organize all your edits. From the tab, you can also access all the projects you've started to manage independently.

In addition to the many available features, you can adjust the color of the image as well as add transitions to combine clips, for example. You can even add animations and cool effects to have some fun in post-production, including using useful templates to help you edit without breaking a sweat. And so on

Alight Motion is a video editor app that lets you get the most out of the videos saved on your smartphone. Plus, you can get everything you need without using tons of other apps or needing a lot of experience. There are also plenty of formats to export from, so compatibility shouldn't be an issue. You can take advantage of the reproduction
                                                                          By - Officail Ghanshyam